Russiagate: chiesti 7-9 anni per stone

As if more evidence was needed to debunk the pathetic narrative that the Russians hacked the DNC computers during the presidential campaign, Trump confidant Roger Stone, currently on trial for lying during the Mueller inquisition released an important truth to the light of day on May 10 th. He is also pleading not guilty to accusations of obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

If the facts now show that there was never any Russian hacking, it follows that the case against both Stone and President Trump should be rendered null and void. In a nine page motion to suppress ill-gotten evidence now being used against Roger Stone, his lawyers made the point that the entire case, including all warrants to collect evidence were contingent upon the pre-supposition that the Russians irrefutably hacked the DNC computers and provided the data to WikiLeaks.

Intrinsic metadata in the publicly available files on WikiLeaks demonstrates that the files that were acquired by WikiLeaks were delivered in a medium such as a thumb drive physically local to the DNC. In the memo and affidavit, Binney also demonstrates that the file information of the WikiLeaks emails includes evidence that they were registered under a FAT file system since all of the time stamps were rounded off to even last numbers.

If the files were acquired via a Russian hack, Binney explains that there would be no such rounding of numbers but an equal distribution of even and odd time stamps. Lastly, Binney points out the absurdity that anti-Russian private security firm CrowdStrike admitted that they observed that supposed Russian hackers began penetrating DNC servers on May 6 thyet chose to do nothing until June 10 th CrowdStrike had a monopoly on all DNC computers and other physical evidence at the time, which has never been made accessible to the FBI or any other government agency.

Such mini dynastic clans such as the Bushes, the Mueller family, the Morgans, Duponts etc. Kennedy BIO: Matthew J. Review of Books, and Sott. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Duran.

Roger Stone Wants to Write Book About Russia Investigation

Hopefully now this and other factors in this shameful hoax will mark the beginning of putting an end to murderous deep state. The mystery to me is that if Trump wanted to change U. Tis time to smoke the aristocracy out, confiscate their ill-gotten gains, and use the money now spent on illegal and immoral wars on improving the long-neglected infrastructures that benefits all of society, not just the chosen few. Deep State sensed early on that the businessman Donald J.

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Thus the great machinery was initiated, a formidable stealth power including big business, high-level civil servants, acting politicians, all intel organizations, the media, and organized crime. It ended up in Spygate and alleged Russian infiltration in the presidential election. Then culminating in the Mueller investigation.

Username or Email Address. Don't have an account? To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Switch skin Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. Log In Register. Search for: Search. Liked it? Take a second to support The Duran on Patreon! What do you think? Notify of.In fact, it is now clear the entire investigation into the Trump campaign was without basis.

Even the claim that Russia helped Trump from afar, without direct coordination, has fallen flat on its face. Though few of its most diehard proponents would ever admit it, after four long years, the foundation of the Trump-Russia narrative has finally given way and its edifice has crumbled. The wreckage left behind will remain for some time to come, however, kicking off a new era of mainstream McCarthyism and setting the stage for the next Cold War. The importance of Russiagate to U.

For thirty years, the United States has exploited its de facto victory in the first Cold War, interfering in Russian elections in the s, aiding oligarchs as they looted the country into poverty, and orchestrating Color Revolutions in former Soviet states.

Unquestionably, from the fall of the Berlin Wall until the day Trump took office, the United States maintained an aggressive policy toward Moscow. But with the USSR wiped off the map and communism defeated for good, a sufficient pretext to rally the American public into another Cold War has been missing in the post-Soviet era. In the same year period, moreover, Washington has pursued one disastrous diversion after another in the Middle East, leaving little space or interest for another round of brinkmanship with the Russians, who were relegated to little more than a talking point.

That, however, has changed. Something had to be done. In the summer ofWikiLeaks published thousands of emails belonging to then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, her campaign manager, and the Democratic National Committee. Though damaging to Clinton, the leak became fodder for a powerful new attack on the president-to-be. By the time Trump took office, the narrative was in full swing.

In lock-step with the U. The allegations soon broadened well beyond hacking. A large segment of American society eagerly bought the fiction, refusing to believe that Trump, the game show host, could have defeated Clinton without assistance from a foreign power. Just a few months later, the administration would put out its National Security Strategystressing the need to refocus U.

On another aspiring NATO member, Ukraine, the president was also hectored into reversing course under pressure from the Blob. That stance did not last long. Though even Obama decided against arming the new government—which his administration helped to install —Trump reversed that move in latehanding Kiev hundreds of Javelin anti-tank missiles.

Some of the very same Beltway critics slamming the president as a racist demanded he pass weapons to out-and-out white supremacists. The drive for renewed hostilities with Moscow got underway well before Trump took the Oval Office, nurtured in its early stages under the Obama administration.

Demanding a deal with the EU and an end to government corruption, demonstrators—including the above-mentioned neo-Nazis—were soon in the streets clashing with security forces.

Yanukovych was chased out of the country, and eventually out of power. Through cut-out organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy, the Obama administration poured millions of dollars into the Ukrainian opposition prior to the coup, training, organizing and funding activists.

In Crimea—where Moscow has kept its Black Sea Fleet since the late s—Russia took a more forceful stance, seizing the territory to keep control of its long term naval base.Prima pagina. Emilia Romagna. Regione Selezionata. Altre regioni. Friuli Venezia Giulia. Trentino-Alto Adige.

Valle D'Aosta. Spettacoli e Cultura. Scienza e Tecnologia. Stampa estera. Informazione locale. Russiagate: chiesti anni per Stone Corriere dello Sport. Crea Alert. Sport - Donald Trump, Roger Stone, coinvolto nel Russiagare, sia condannato a una pena tra i 7 e i 9 anni di carcere. Leggi la notizia. Persone: stone donald trump. Organizzazioni: congresso dipartimento. Luoghi: usa. Tags: indagini giustizia.

Corriere dello Sport. Tags: guerra fagioli. Nei guai l'ateneo caro al M5s. Persone: fabrizio quattrocchi gian piero spinelli. Organizzazioni: m5s link. Prodotti: security guerra del golfo. Luoghi: roma firenze.

Tags: guai ateneo. Londra accusa Mosca: l'ombra del Russiagate britannico. Persone: ministro degli esteri boris johnson. Organizzazioni: intelligence ue. Prodotti: brexit. Luoghi: londra mosca. Tags: ombra accusa. Meranda e Vannucci, tutti indagati per corruzione internazionale nel ' Russiagate '. Persone: savoini vannucci. Organizzazioni: cassazione metropol. Prodotti: fondi. Luoghi: milano mosca. Tags: ricorso sequestro.Prima pagina.

Emilia Romagna. Regione Selezionata. Altre regioni. Friuli Venezia Giulia. Trentino-Alto Adige. Valle D'Aosta. Spettacoli e Cultura.

Scienza e Tecnologia. Stampa estera. Informazione locale. Russiagate: chiesti anni per Stone Corriere di Como. Il Dipartimento di giustizia americano ha chiesto che l'ex assistente della campagna elettorale di Donald Trump, Roger Stone, coinvolto nel Russiagare, sia condannato a una pena tra i 7 e i 9 anni di carcere.

Leggi la notizia. Persone: stone roger stone. Organizzazioni: congresso dipartimento. Luoghi: usa.

Roger Stone Shines New Light on Russia-Gate Hoax

Tags: indagini giustizia. Corriere di Como.

russiagate: chiesti 7-9 anni per stone

Usa Sessions perde primarie. Il tycoon ha osteggiato apertamente il suo ex ministro della Giustizia, con cui aveva rotto dopo che si era auto ricusato nelle indagini sul Russiagate.

Persone: donald trump alabana. Organizzazioni: sessions senato. Prodotti: twitter. Tags: football indagini. Ha anche scritto diversi libri d'inchiesta, tra i quali 'Quarto Reich', 'Ilaria Alpi, morte di una giornalista', ' Russiagate ', 'Sudafrica in bianco e nero', 'La bomba di Allah', 'Isis'. Persone: fracassi franco fracassi. Organizzazioni: aiceberg musei. Prodotti: messaggero g8. Luoghi: avezzano aquila. Tags: giornalista giornalismo.Puglia, 3 nuovi contagi e nessun decesso.

Emiliano: Pandemia affrontata da sistema unito. Giulia De Lellis, il "like" ad Andrea Iannone che scatena il web. Valico DS, Voge guarda lontano. Tasse, niente proroga delle scadenze dopo il 20 luglio per imprese e partite Iva. Coronavirus: in Spagna record di contagi dall'8 maggio. Tragedia in Russia: morta l'ex campionessa Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya. A tutto green, sono queste le celeb che hanno uno stile di vita eco-friendly.

Incentivi auto: ecco i modelli col bonus. Attacco a Twitter, il social: "Hacker hanno manipolato i nostri addetti". Rassegne di giornali, la Fieg soddisfatta: editori da remunerare. Maxi rissa con accoltellamento a Mondello, arrestati 4 giovani.

Gucci, si chiude in bellezza. Coronavirus, Sileri: "Vaccino realisticamente prossimo anno". Follie estive a rischio morte, Km ubriaco con cartoni di vino in auto [Polstrada ritira mezzo, bottiglie e patente a milanese in Romagna].

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Verona-Atalanta, dalle Larissa Iapichino, atleta e beauty ambassador. Asportato un tumore a un paziente sveglio. Maserati Ghibli Hybrid — Il Tridente si elettrifica. Emoji e Memoji, le nuove "faccine" di Apple in iOS Vertice Ue, Michel presenta nuova proposta per il Recovery Fund. Consiglio choc della viceministro M5s: "Ristoratori in crisi? Cambino lavoro". Manu Chao, Elisa, Diodato: la bella stagione dei concerti. Si risveglia dal coma e parla con l'accento slavo. Financial Times: Usa valutano il divieto di TikTok.Questo sito usa Akismet per ridurre lo spam.

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russiagate: chiesti 7-9 anni per stone

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Dangerous Game: How the Wreckage of Russiagate Ignited a New Cold War

Marsha P. Johnson protagonista Doodle Google del 30 giugno Iran, uccisione Qasem Soleimani: mandato d'arresto per Donald Trump. Arresti nel Brindisino: 52 reati in pochi mesi, indagini partite da furgone rubato. Vitigliano, serra di marijuana sul terrazzo: arrestato 35enne incensurato. Il Biancorosso.

russiagate: chiesti 7-9 anni per stone

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russiagate: chiesti 7-9 anni per stone

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