Foldable samsung galaxy x

By Aaron Brown TZ. Samsung look set to unleash its feverishly-anticipated foldable flagship handset, dubbed Galaxy X or Galaxy Foldearly next year. The all-new smartphone boasts two OLED displays — a 4. This forthcoming foldable phone will be the first in a new range of pliable devices from Samsung, which will purportedly include Infinity Display tabletsand laptops. But until then, the Galaxy X will be one of the only devices available worldwide that boasts this next-generation folding OLED.

And that means it's going to be expensive. Read more: Samsung Galaxy S10 review early verdict : return of the king. In reality, it's likely to cost much more than this. Based on the leaked Galaxy S10 prices that surfaced online earlier this week, that would seem to be about right, since that would comfortably placer the next-generation foldable two-screened Galaxy X above the maxed-out Galaxy S10 Plus with a jaw-droppingly excessive 1TB of inbuilt storage.

Elsewhere, the new research report claims the Galaxy X will have two separate battery cells — one inside each side of the fold.

Working together, these will purportedly deliver a battery capacity of between 5, to 6,mAh. The Galaxy X will sport a dual rear-facing camera set-up comprised of two 12 megapixel lens to achieve 2x optical zoom and add a bokeh-style blur effect to the background behind portrait-style photographs.

As for the selfie camera, Samsung will opt for a single 8-megapixel lens. Plus, a new study shows three-quarters of British homes are keen to go greener. Browse the best Prime Day deals that are live right here. Plus what to expect on Prime Day on October 13 and OnePlus 8T appears in an official video, a week ahead of its big launch.

The best foldable phones of 2020: Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, and more

The Realme 7 Pro shows Realme is an expert in the value-for-money market. We got all the best October and Prime Day phone deals right here. Save cash now, thank us later…. Could the circles in Apple's iPhone 12 event invite hide a secret product?Samsung has given the biggest hint yet about its plans to launch its foldable phone, expected to be called the Galaxy X.

The South Korean electronics giant has not announced an official release date for the next-generation device but a video posted to the firm's YouTube channel suggested it will be fully unveiled at its Unpacked event. The 20 February event has previously been earmarked as the launch pad for the Galaxy S10 range of smartphonesas well as the Galaxy Watch smartwatch and Galaxy Buds headphones. Samsung previously teased the folding phone in November during an event that largely took place in the dark.

Samsung Senior Vice President Justin Denison described the phone as the "foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow," though few details were revealed. Rendered images based on leaked specs of the handset suggest the Galaxy X will have a smaller front-facing screen and a larger inward-facing screen that unfolds like a book. It will also come with 5G functionality in markets that support the next-generation mobile communications network, such as the US and South Korea.

Samsung is not the first smartphone maker to develop a foldable phone, with fellow tech giants Huawei and Xiaomi also reportedly working on their own versions of the technology. Chinese startup Royole beat more established phone manufacturers by unveiling its FlexPai folding phone in Royole CEO Bill Liu said at the time that the worlds' first foldable smartphone would "forever change the consumer electronics industry.

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foldable samsung galaxy x

Join the discussion. Join the discussionWe've been hearing whispers, rumours, and leaks about Samsung's foldable smartphone plans for years now. And now it's finally real. Samsung unveiled its foldable smartphone prototype at its Developers Conference in early November, showcasing a handset that offers a big, bold display when fully opened up, yet also has a smaller screen on the outside for one-handed use.

It's experimental and seemingly strange, but so was Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge — and now curved displays are here to stay. Will foldable screens be the next big, innovative wave?

We'll find out when the handset ships sometime inbut here's everything you need to know for now. Good question! We don't know yet. Samsung said it would start production in the coming months, but a proper release could be some ways off still. To be fair, it doesn't even have an official name yet.

It could also be something else entirely. Time will tell! The Yonhap News Agency suggests a full launch for the foldable phone in Marchand says it will release then as well.

Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone preview

The Galaxy S10 will be officially revealed on 20 February, and The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung will also showcase a fully-functional version of the foldable phone then, as well. If true, then that March target might hold true. According to that report, Huawei plans to announce its own foldable phone later in February at Mobile World Congresswhich has prompted Samsung to speed up its launch plans.

Sounds like the release is coming pretty close to that of the Galaxy S10 - and faster than anticipated this year. Samsung hasn't said anything official, but rumours suggest that this innovative, multi-screen smartphone won't be remotely cheap.

The Yonhap News Agency has since confirmed that 2M won expectation It's meant for early adopters that will pay extra for cool new tech. Fortunately, we have a pretty great sense of the core design for Samsung's foldable smartphone, even if we haven't seen a close-up of the details.

Essentially, the handset folds open like a book to reveal a large, tablet-like display that provides ample room for multitasking, media, games, and more. And then when you fold it closed, you still get a small, one-handed screen for dialing in numbers and texting, not to mention a size more befitting of a pocket. The latter form has a huge chunk of bezel above and below the screen, but to be fair, we haven't seen its final form: Samsung deliberately covered up the actual design to save that reveal for another day.

If you watch the leaked teaser video below, however, you'll see a much slimmer and sleeker foldable phone. There's still a lot we don't know about how the Galaxy X's screens will look and feelgiven the foldable design, but we do know a few things about the Infinity Flex Display. It's a 7. That's not quite as pixel-dense as Samsung's current flagships, but it should still be a pretty crisp display.

Samsung had to rethink display design to make it work, given the need to bend repeatedly without losing quality in the process. The company has shaved layers off of the panel, but we're hoping there's no visible degradation compared to its oft-awesome Super AMOLED screens on other phones. As for the smaller screen, it's a 4.The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the most forward-thinking smartphone offinally delivering on the promise of a foldable phone, and instantly proving a real head-turner out on the streets.

And yet, it's still not something we can recommend to most people. Wherever we went with the Fold, people wanted to know what this thing was and how it worked.

We demonstrated how it folds down to a 4. But then the second wow-factor kicks: it's twice the price of today's best smartphones, and on top of that it has a troubled track record with regard to durability, which could prove a deal-breaker for many potential buyers. Samsung refined the Galaxy Fold over the course of a five-month delay to its launch, reinforcing the points where it broke in the hands of early reviewers. But we're still in constant fear of pixel tearing, or damaging the vulnerable plastic screen.

Good news: right now the bendable screen of our Galaxy Fold review unit is as pristine as the day we unboxed. It comes with a crease down the middle, but this is only really visible when it catches glare or you purposefully look for it. A bigger deal is the uneven refresh rate across the larger display: as you scroll pages, one side lags ever so slightly behind the other — it's barely perceptible, but you can't unsee it once you realize it's there. The Galaxy Fold is the best example of why foldable is the future of smartphones.

Its 7. We multi-tasked with three apps open on a phone, as if this were a tablet. Editing photos is easier, gaming takes a gigantic leap, and showing someone a complicated spreadsheet is doable. Its folded size is satisfying for one reason: we loved carrying a small phone again. It'll go unappreciated in photos, and the extensive bezel around the 4.

We felt confident one-handing it on busy streets. You also won't find an S Pen stylus tucked inside which it wouldn't be wise to use on a plastic screen anyway, but still.

Battery life was the toughest to judge. At 4,mAh, the battery here is Samsung's biggest, and lasted us a day-and-a-half. But battery life varied wildly based on how long we had that big screen open — we killed it in less than a day when we tried.

This phone is strictly for early adopters with money to burn and a penchant for impressing, and it'll end up in a drawer with Google Glass and other gadgets ahead of their time. The Samsung Galaxy Fold release date was staggered throughout the end ofand getting your hands on it wasn't easy. The Galaxy Fold US release date was September 27, which was five months and one day after its original April 26 launch date.

During this hiatus, Samsung tweaked the hardware, but the price remained the same: very high. Those in Australia were also able to buy the phone at the end of October Stock of the Galaxy Fold has since stabilized in the markets where it's available, so if you are considering picking it you shouldn't have any trouble locating a unit.

The price is our biggest hangup. It's hard to justify such an exorbitant price for a device that, while supremely cool, clearly isn't time-tested and feels awfully vulnerable.

It's very much a first-generation device with a price tag to match. We're also kind of disappointed that Cosmos Black and Space Silver are the only two colors — gone are more eye-catching Martian Green and Astro Blue, the two other options from the initial launch lineup.There's a scene in the Jurassic Park film where Dr.

Ian Malcolm spells out his objections to a theme park built around dinosaurs brought back to life through the magic of DNA: "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should. I think about the sentiment a lot as we hear more and more rumblings about foldable smartphones.

Not that the stakes are the same as they were in Jurassic Park — if a foldable phone flops, a velociraptor isn't going to leap out and tear off anyone's face — but because foldable phones strike me as a solution in search of a problem.

Put another way, companies certainly have the wherewithal to build a smartphone that folds any which way. But are there people out there who actually want one? Samsung looks like it's going to be the next phone maker to try and answer that question. The company holds its annual developers conference in San Francisco tomorrow Nov. While Samsung may grab the spotlight this week with its foldable phone demo, it's not going to be the only company working on such a product.

Huawei has already said it's working on a foldable phone that its CEO touts as a potential PC replacement. And LG reportedly has a foldable device of its own in the works, which could see the light of day as early as the CES trade show in January.

Even if Samsung unfolds a Galaxy X at its developer conference this week, it wouldn't be the first folding phone we've laid eyes on this month.

That honor goes to the FlexPaia 7. A few YouTube videos have captured the FlexPai in action, and it doesn't exactly resolve the question of just why anyone would want a mobile device that folds in two. The FlexPai looks fairly bulky, even when it's folded since the screen folds outward.

It's unclear whether both screens remain active when the FlexPai is folded. And while online videos are not going to fully capture how sharp a screen looks, that display on the FlexPai isn't going to fill you with envy if you have one of the sharp OLED panels that graces top-end phones like the Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS and others.

Display quality is likely to be one of the biggest hurdles keeping would-be buyers from embracing foldable phones, according to Llamas. Because the displays on existing phones are bright and clear, he added, foldable phones are going to have to match or exceed that to have any shot at widespread adoption.

We'll have to wait until Samsung actually shows off its new phone to see if it can deliver on the display. But the other challenge facing the phone maker will be to build a device that actually meets the needs of some segment of the market. In a few public comments about the Galaxy X so far, Samsung executives have hinted that they think their upcoming phone will fill a need for some people.

So how does Samsung make the Galaxy X meaningful? It's likely going to depend on that screen. As described in the most prevalent rumors about Samsung's foldable phone, you would use the Galaxy X's 7.

Because the X reportedly folds in like a book, you would be able to fold up the device when you're done working and tote it around more easily than you would a tablet or laptop. Also according to rumors, there will be a small screen on the outside of the Galaxy X that will be active when the device is folded up into a phone-like size. Another potential use case for a foldable smartphone would be as a mobile gaming device, with the ample screen real estate providing more of a surface to play on.

But there are already gaming-focused smartphones — the ROG Phone and Razer Phone 2 both debuted within the last month — and while their screen sizes don't approach what's rumored for the Galaxy X, their processing power and design seems particularly geared toward gamers.

The realities of a foldable phone make it an unlikely choice if the main thing you want to do is consume content — especially as new tablets like Apple's Whatever use case Samsung ends up touting and whatever specs the Galaxy X phone will boast, don't expect this to be a mainstream device that fits alongside the Galaxy S or Note lineups.

That's not a range that screams "mainstream device. We'll have a better sense of just what Samsung has planned for its foldable phone by the end of this week. But it seems like it will be a while before we figure out if those plans match what consumers want from their next mobile device. Tom's Guide. Image credit: Foldable phone concept. Topics Samsung. See all comments 1. A phone whose screen is interrupted by a "crease" down the middle will not be an acceptable replacement for a tablet.At present, Samsung has the widest portfolio of foldable smartphones with three devices available for purchase in the Indian market, i.

Rating: 4. Motorola offers two devices but both lack flagship specs and mostly play on the nostalgia factor, thus offering very less value for the fortune you pay. Huawei and Microsoft are also in the race but there's no scope and sense of buying their foldable smartphones in the Indian market for various reasons, but that's a topic for another day. Today, we are focusing on the Galaxy Z Fold 2the second-generation foldable device from the house of Samsung which costs a whopping Rs.

Here's how it performed in our review. Bigger And Better Cover Display The first gen Galaxy Z Fold lacked a big cover screen which made things difficult in daily routine because you just cannot use a foldable phone in its unfold state all the time.

You have to have a good front display which should serve all important tasks of a modern smartphone. That said, I am glad to see a full-blown workable display on the front of the new Galaxy Fold 2 device.

It's a big 6. The odd aspect ratio means the screen is extremely tall and it requires some efforts to reach corners. Also, you might take some time to get used to the odd form-factor due to app-scaling issues which will only be rectified with time.

Nevertheless, it works just fine and is going to be your go-to screen for most of the phone related tasks. With a new bigger and taller front screen, you can scroll your Facebook and Twitter timeline, browse web pages, capture full-screen selfies, and perform all phone-related jobs in a much efficient manner.

The front screen can also be used to watch videos on YouTube and OTT apps in cinematic aspect ratio in any given angle as the sturdy hinge holds the phone firmly in its position. Samsung being the pioneer in the respective space has done a great job. The second-generation Galaxy Z Fold flaunts a 7. I had a great time watching videos, browsing the internet and playing games on this device despite some shortcomings, which are mostly induced by the software part.

Same is the problem with most of the content on other streaming applications. Honestly, you can't do much about it as foldables are introducing new aspect ratios and the most widely used apps will take some time to adapt to new form-factor. Moving on, the big screen is a delight for multitasking as it allows you to place two apps side-by-side.This revelation comes from Dutch tech blog LetsGoDigital which uncovered patent filings in Turkey that suggest Samsung has chosen this name for its new device.

This name would be instead of the Galaxy X or Galaxy F, as various outlets have dubbed the upcoming foldable. Unfurled, the Galaxy X has a 7. Samsung may have pushed the announcement of its foldable phone forward significantly as previous reports suggest production on the device has only just started. You can watch the whole press conference, and the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy X, in the YouTube stream below.

Samsung has begun production of the Galaxy X, bang in line with expectations for it to do so in Prices, undoubtedly, rocket up as you start looking to factor in extras like increased storage and, potentially, more memory. However, when the device was finally unveiled, it was tricky to tell just what it actually looked like.

By folding the larger display away, instead of turning it into the outer screen when closed, means this bigger display can be kept protected when not in use. Unfortunately, this design seems to make makes the Galaxy X quite thick, something many smartphone aficionados may not like.

However, this is an experimental product from Samsung, so you can expect the design to slim down in the coming years, just as it did with the Note Edge and the rest of the Edge line of Samsung phones.

foldable samsung galaxy x

It does leave a deliberate gap between the two sides of the screen to prevent damage if dropped or pushed against in pockets. It can also, apparently, hold the device in different orientations so you can use it as a stand. All very hush-hush, of course. Your email address will not be published.

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foldable samsung galaxy x

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