Automotive connectors catalogue

For over 55 years, Hayden Automotive has been the leader in performance cooling products for transmission, engine and power steering oil cooling. Since the invention of the transmission cooler by Mr. Perry Hayden inHayden has continued to add innovative products to meet the needs of its customers while investing in continuous improvements and maintaining superior quality standards.

automotive connectors catalogue

After experiencing multiple O. Not only do I recommend Hayden Automotive, I essentially will not install anything else…If someone wants a cheaper part, they will have to find a cheaper shop.

We're proud to announce that we're celebrating our year anniversary. Over the years, we have grown by leaps and bounds from the company that Elias Fife founded in We now employ approximately 4, people, generate over a billion dollars in net sales, operate in more than 25 facilities around the world, and are a leading independent manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts in the automotive aftermarket. Read more. Customer Success "Summary of New Year speech of for employees.

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Automotive Connectors

About Sumitomo Wiring Systems An introduction to Sumitomo Wiring Systems including the basic principles, greetings, and company overview. CSR Activites With the "Connect with the Best" spirit, we will contribute to establish a sustainable society,and a bright future. Product Information With the wiring harnesses as our core product, we provide a variety of products to meet the needs of these rapidly changing times, such as electric automobiles, hybrid car-related components, and electronics.

Recruitment Information A strong will is a major part of good manufacturing. We have information regarding the recruitment of new graduates, people interested in a career change, people with disabilities, general staff, interns, etc.Find thousands of Gates industrial hose, couplings and equipment solutions in the products catalog.

automotive connectors catalogue

Download Catalog. Find industrial engine hoses, belts and accessories by category, Gates specs, and hose types in the products catalog. Catalog also includes an engine hose design guide for custom Gates solutions. This manual includes tables, specifications, and procedures necessary to design high performance, heavy-duty V-belt drives.

If you need assistance designing your drive, contact our team of Gates product application engineers. Gates designs hoses and assemblies that adhere to Military and Federal specifications. Index Gates hoses by specification or hose category, and find necessary hose warranty, certification, and service life information. The Gates Power Transmission Catalog features hundreds of belts, metals, and system accessories, with comprehensive product specifications and Gates Power Transmission application service descriptions.

Discover our comprehensive product line of hoses, couplings and equipment. The Gates Mining Products catalog features hydraulics, industrial hose, and power transmission solutions, engineered specifically for demanding mining applications. When your application demands a non-traditional light power and precision drive, Gates engineers help your team design the ideal solution. Our drive design manual includes everything you need to start designing your drive.

automotive connectors catalogue

The Hydraulic and Fleet Hose Gates product catalog ensures the safety of your workers and equipment with detailed parts information, identification tools, and assembly and installation tips.

Avoid engine damage with the Gates Timing Belt Replacement Interval Guide, a guide for replacing your timing belt based on your specific belt manufacturer and model.

Find medium and heavy-duty truck water pump equipment in the Gates product catalog. This catalog features numerous water pump equipment parts and access to the Gates Performance Center. The Gates Master Products catalog features information on all Gates equipment.

Organized by product category, this catalog includes the parts and repair information you need for your Gates products, systems, and solution kits. Identify your Gates molded coolant hose among hundreds of options with this identification guide, organized by coolant and heater hose dimensions. This Gates water pumps product catalog includes hundreds of light-duty, heavy-duty, and electric water pumps with a comprehensive application guide for additional information on equipment.As high-voltage electrification and automation drive the greatest period of automotive innovation ….

Summary coverage of new-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire and cable, cable …. Next-gen connector and cable technologies, design resources, specification tips, and application guides. Connector solutions for automotive LED applications must combine ruggedness, reliability, long-term operation, …. High-speed 5G communications are key to widespread adoption of autonomous ridesharing. High-speed …. Innovative, high-density connectors deliver higher current-carrying capacity and help usher in new ….

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Featured Automotive Articles. New technology. JAE and Yazaki are two companies on the forefront of automotive innovation.

Internal and external systems that include an expanded range of connected technologies …. Innovation is happening at warp speed as machine learning, AI, and autonomy …. As 5G networks are activated, connected and automated vehicle systems will evolve ….

Market Update. Sales of electric vehicles are growing, but still account for only 2. As the connected world of the 21st century comes into existence, the …. Automotive Market Top Products. In our last Automotive eBook, seven leading connector suppliers address disruptive technologies.

Industry News. Summary coverage of upcoming industry events, as well as recent award, partnership, ….BASF will continue to invest in its coatings site in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province in South China, by constructing a new facility for automotive refini Bridgestone Americas Bridgestone has announced plans to restart its North American commercial tire plants as well as its North American Firestone Industrial Products and Firestone Building Products manufacturing facilities on April The company is exploiting its expertise in rubber and plastics to pioneer new businesses and develop automotiv The zone debuted back inand since then, it has continued t Additionally, widespread adoption of m The main elements of selecting material especially for the body is involved in a wide variety of characteristics such as thermal, chemical or mechanical resistance, manufacturing efficiency and durability.

Steel stands a Waymo is a project started by Google's parent company Alphabet. It's a project started in enhancing the technology towards the self driving car or a driverless car. Google has been running a test on its mode An anti-lock braking system ABS is a safety anti-skid braking method used on aircraft.

Now it is used in cars, Motorcycles, and buses. ABS functions by preventing the wheels from locking up while braking, through keepi The mechanical braking system powers the hand brake or emergency brake. It is the type of braking system in which the brake force applied on the brake pedal is carried to the final brake drum or disc rotor by the various What runs in your mind when you hear about Automotive Electronics?

A musical system that connects to your mobile, airbags and an electronically controlled steering? You are on the right track but it has a lot more electr Abdul Majeed. Pritesh Lodha. I think you have a number of very insightful articles, and I really like how you covered the whole range of automotive functional areas.

Automotive Accessories. Automotive Testing and Calibration Systems. Brakes and Braking System Components. Climate Control Systems and Components. Cutting Tools. Electronic Systems and Components. Engineering Services.Sie haben Javascript deaktiviert. Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript damit die Seite verwendet werden kann. Our connector families for the 0.

The flexibly designed connector housing resists high thermal and dynamic loads with maximum performance. It is thanks to these properties that the high requirements on automotive plug connectors for sensors and actuators can also be ensured in the engine compartment.

User-friendly and reliable plugging, validation according to USCAR-2, insertion and holding forces in compliance with LVare just some of the advantages. The SealStar family designed by Hirschmann Automotive is a compact, robust and water-tight plug connector system with excellent performance characteristics.

It was developed in close collaboration with renowned OEMs and their system manufacturers. Besides the water-tightness according to LV, these automotive plug connectors impress customers with their high temperature and vibration resistance, above all else.

Product Catalogs

Other advantages include the validation according to USCAR-2 as well as different-coloured and mechanical coding and user-friendly plugging. Read more. The Sealstar HMK is used in the engine compartment since this is where the vibration and temperature requirements on housings are the highest. Thanks to the patented insertion process, the effort in manual assemblage is small, while the normal contact force is reliable and high.

The product is available in various pole numbers and codes. The patented automotive connector housing EasyConn is characterised by its compact design, secure latching function and its different-colour and mechanical coding. The housing family is compact and available in 2- to pole versions.

Even high thermal loads are no problem for the EasyConn. Various contact systems can be used MCP 2.

automotive connectors catalogue

Hirschmann Automotive is responding to the demands of automobile manufacturers for miniature and technically highly sophisticated electrical connectors with the MicroSealedConnector family. Thanks to the miniaturized design and the robustness of this connector, the areas of application in the vehicle are very diverse. In our webshop you can choose from a standard portfolio of SealStar plug connectors.

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