48 volt generator

Discussion in ' Alternative Energy ' started by cbcansurviveAug 24, Log in or Sign up. Welcome to the Homesteading Today Forum and Community! Converting automotive alternator to put out 48V?

Aug 24, 1. Messages: Apparently if you're an electronics whiz it's fairly easy to get an automotive alternator to put out as much as VDC by modifying the voltage regulator. This could be very useful for charging large banks 48V, etc Has anyone seen a good FAQ out there of how to do this?

I just don't know enough about resistors, diodes, etc Aug 24, 2. Messages: 6, Besides the voltage regulator it also needs to be rewound. Smaller wire so you can make 4 times wraps. Doing so also cuts down the amperage it is capable of putting out. Aug 25, 3. BottleneckAug 25, Aug 25, 4. I am, but not for an off-grid energy system.

It will be to power a 48V electric outboard and charge the 48V battery bank supplying it. Sort of a hybrid system, so something small and light ie: an alternator coupled to a small engine is needed. I've read that simply removing the regulator altogether and simply dialing in the voltage needed via RPM with pulleys is possible, but I'd worry about voltage dips and spikes when turning the motor on and off, but does that matter if I'm only charging batteries and running a motor no sensitive electronics, aside from the speed controller?

Aug 25, 5. Messages: 11, Without a voltage regulator, you can overcharge and destroy batteries. Harry ChickpeaAug 25, Aug 27, 6. I know that a regular v genset, you adjust rpm to adjust hertz, not voltage.

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The 48-Volt Starter Generator for Electric Vehicle Architectures

Messages: 1, Alternating Generators 'Alternators' produce 'Watts'.Ironically, the Detroit automaker with the fewest electrified models on sale was the only one to bring hybridization to a new truck, in the form of its brand-new Ram Coincidentally, it's the hybrid system used by the Wrangler—a volt mild-hybrid setup—that's making its way into the new light-duty Ram pickup.

Called eTorque, the mild-hybrid system should give a decent fuel economy boost when teamed with either the 3. However, if you want to forgo the extra torque and complexity of the system in a work truck, buyers can opt out of the hybrid gear for V-8 models. Further aiding fuel economy is a significant weight-savings program that takes pounds of heft out of the Ram's frame and removes a further pounds overall by using aluminum for specific parts, including its tailgate and numerous chassis components.

As before, the new Ram makes use of air suspension to lower the truck ever so slightly at highway speeds to cut a smaller hole through the air. Models without air suspension will come with active aero elements to reduce drag. For all the latest about the very few green-car concepts and other updates at the North American International Auto Show, see our Detroit auto-show news page.

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Diesel DC Generators

I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy. High-Res Gallery: RamDetroit auto show. Contribute: Send us a tip Comment Contact the editor. Bentley Bentayga plug-in hybrid rated for lower highway mpg than non-hybrid. Future Hyundai electric cars might clean the air while they charge. People who read this, also read: Achates engine in Ford F pickup targets 37 mpg, with Saudi oil company backing New Chevy Silverado pickup: planned for all powertrain types How Silicon Valley startup boosted MPG in Chevy Silverado pickup truck Chevy Silverado: how a big, thirsty pickup gets more fuel-efficient.

Share This Article:. Follow Us Today:. Green Car Reports Newsletter Sign up to get the latest green car and environmental news, delivered to your inbox daily! Sign Up Today!Many cars will soon have volt electrical systems. These will be combination and volt systems with 12 volts for traditional lighting and infotainment, 48 volts for more power-hungry components. Bentley Bentayga has a volt active anti-roll bar. Bosch, Continental, Delphi, and Valeo are among the key components makers working to provide volt systems to automakers.

Odds are your next car will have a start-stop system, probably 12 volts, and a slightly larger volt battery. When you come to a stop at the light, the car shuts down after a couple seconds. It fires up again with a little hesitation, a couple tenths of a second, on some cars.

At a light, the car feels poky. With volt stop-start:. Backers say it provides two-thirds the benefit of a full hybrid at a third the cost. Fuel economy increases by 15 to 20 percent. Audi Q8 Sport Concept with electric turbocharger. A four-cylinder car with a turbocharger has the performance of a V6 without a turbo.

Rather than wait for exhaust gases to eventually bring the impeller up to speed, an electric motor makes it happen more quickly so that the lag is truly barely noticeable.

This, too, requires a volt system. Audi has electric supercharger in its Q8 Sport Concept vehicle. Some automakers called their e-charger an electric turbocharger, others an electric supercharger. Delphi hybrd system combining 48V e-charger and motor generator. Delphi is one of the automakers thinking about a multi-component solution to delivering a lighter, more efficient drivetrain.

It starts by replacing the starter motor with a volt motor-generator that starts and restarts the car, provides extra power beyond what the combustion engine offers, and recharges the volt lithium-ion battery in the trunk.

Finally, the engine is modified for cylinder deactivation, which Delphi grandly calls Dynamic Skip Fire. At cruise on level roads, a car with Dynamic Skip Fire might fire, on average, only one and a quarter cylinders per revolution.

Ready for a reVOL(T)ution?

Even with the e-charger not yet activated, the test Volkswagen Passat was quick in city driving. In the US, buyers are looking for more horsepower as well as economy. For diesel engines, automakers can trade off some of the savings in CO2 essentially fuel economy for a reduction in NOx; urea injection may still be necessary to clean up the exhaust, but in smaller amounts.

Total cost of a system including the e-charger? Twenty percent better fuel economy puts a lot of otherwise traditional combustion-engine cars into the territory of full hybrids such as the Toyota Prius that can drive miles on battery alone. This is the second go-round for volt systems. Circathere was a proposal for volt systems, which is effectively the same as 48 volts. What matters is that peak power flow never hit 60 volts DC, which is the point where more heavily shielded wire is required.

It fizzled out over concerns about the cost of dual systems, as well as practical matters such as switch contacts arcing, requiring costlier spring-loaded switches to reduce wear.

Between then and now, there is more concern about the environment, and more car components have gone electrical. Cars with lane keep assist and lane centering assist, and self-driving cars shortly, need electric not hydraulic power assist.Available in gasoline, diesel, propane and natural gas models, our battery charging DC generators can be found all over the world, from the wind farms of the North Sea to the mountains of Chile.

Originally designed for the rugged Australian Outback and tested throughout the world for the past 20 years, our portable Battery-Charging DC Generators are a fast and convenient way to charge batteries. Whether for recreational vehicles, remote power applications, marine backup, emergency response or service vehicle support, portable DC power can now be available anywhere you need it.

For more product information, images, technical specifications and downloadable brochures, checkout our line-up of Battery-Charging DC Generators below. Our Honda powered battery-charging DC generators are designed to be dependable and rugged, and are designed and built in the USA to withstand the toughest environments. Available in two voltage models, the 12 volt model delivers a maximum of amps of current, and the 24 volt model provides a maximum of 45 amps of current.

The G3 provides 24 volts up to a maximum of 80 amps. The G3 is available with pull start or key start and backed by a 3-year Honda engine warranty. The G4 provides 48 volts up to a maximum of 65 amps and is mounted on a rugged pull cart and available with add-on fuel storage.

The G5 provides 48 volts up to a maximum of amps and is mounted on a rugged pull cart and available with add-on fuel storage. Our diesel powered battery-charging DC generators are configurable to nearly any application. Available with a number of options for operating, fueling and weatherizing, you can customize a solution for wherever your project takes you. Our propane and natural gas battery-charging DC generators run reliably on clean burning propane or natural gas, and are designed and built in the USA to withstand the toughest environments.

All Rights Reserved. Battery-Charging DC Generators Originally designed for the rugged Australian Outback and tested throughout the world for the past 20 years, our portable Battery-Charging DC Generators are a fast and convenient way to charge batteries.

Gasoline Our Honda powered battery-charging DC generators are designed to be dependable and rugged, and are designed and built in the USA to withstand the toughest environments. Diesel Our diesel powered battery-charging DC generators are configurable to nearly any application. Learn More. Email Address. Thank you! An email confirmation is on the way. Please check your email inbox.No larger than a shoebox, this battery is set to have a huge impact on vehicle electrification. At some point in the near future, a number of automakers intend to switch over to producing nothing but electrified cars.

For many of these electrified vehicles, however, the internal combustion engine will remain the primary powertrain. New emissions guidelines are the driving force behind increasing electrification.

48 volt generator

There are different types of volt systems which enable a wide variety of different vehicle functions, from boosting engine performance to supplying the growing number of electrical consumers to powering functions such as parking aids.

The one thing they all have in common is a volt battery. The volt battery is therefore the core component of mild hybrids.

The favorable cost-benefit ratio of this technology means it has big potential. Bosch predicts that the annual share of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles equipped with volt systems will rise from 5 to 20 percent between and And this benefits not only automakers, but also drivers, since lower carbon emissions means lower fuel consumption.

These savings come essentially from a recuperation of the energy that normally dissipates as heat when the vehicle brakes. Instead, this energy is now used to drive a generator that replenishes the volt battery with power.

At the same time, a volt battery enables the use of energy consumers that offer enhanced comfort but consume significantly more power, such as electrically controlled stabilizers to counteract vehicle roll.

The starter motor and generator are combined in a single component, which is connected to the volt battery. The battery supplies power to the combined starter-generator, which in turn also sends power back to the battery. One purpose of the combined starter-generator is to help propel the vehicle. For example, the power stored in the volt battery can be used to provide an extra boost via the electric motor to the torque delivered by the internal combustion engine when the vehicle is accelerating.

This is not replaced by but rather linked up with the volt system, and it continues to supply a wide range of volt electrical consumers on board. Its compact dimensions offer maximum flexibility when deciding where it is to be installed. A mere 90 millimeters high, it can be stowed away in the trunk, for example, or under the passenger seat. The picture below gives an idea of the battery height. Together with suppliers, Bosch spent four years developing a new type of lithium-ion battery cell that dispenses with conventional cooling methods.

Wipo 500W 48V 600 Rpm Permanent Magnet Alternator - PMA Generator

This delivers a number of crucial advantages.Advanced Search Search Tips. Wind energy is the undisputed champion of green energy technology - the most efficient, sustainable form of power generation by far. Economical, clean, and with recent technological advances much less costly to produce. From design to engineering to commissioning, we have the tools and technology to realize any project, regardless of size and location.

And with systems ranging in size from to Watts, Ramsond is now the world leader in small turbines. Abandoning the traditional failure-prone mechanical furling system, the blade itself is designed to interact with the motor using an over-speed braking system in high velocity wind environments.

When engaged, the braking system generates reverse 'reluctant' torque, lowering the rotation speed. This ensures the blades and generator will be well protected in high velocity wind, solving safety and reliability issues faced by most other small wind turbines. The effect of using electromagnetic and aerodynamic braking in combination is maximal energy capture year-round: the feature expands the range of the turbine's operation speeds, allowing power generation in higher and lower wind speeds missed by older style wind turbines.

48 volt generator

Everything with moving parts will make some noise and vibration, and wind turbines are no exception. Most noise and vibration are caused by turbine blade rotation in the wind, causing generator resonance with the rotor and tower. Ramsond turbines are well-designed and work as quietly as possible in both high and low winds. This means the system has to be maintained and asjusted every few months. The Ramsond Atlas' slip ring design solves the problem completely, and gives the Ramsond Atlas wind turbine exception reliability and maintenance-free operation.

The patented rotor features a high quality stainless steel rotor shaft attached to a permanent neodymium magnet; the unique winding and multi pole design reduce the start-up torque of the alternator, assuring generator will produce more power at lower wind speeds than other systems. The generator housing is made of a high density, precisely-cast aluminum alloy with minimal tolerance and with high quality sealant.

This is in part why the Ramsond Atlas wind turbine can work normally in adverse working conditions - the class B insulation and IP56 class protection provide even more resilience.

48 volt generator

Finally, the Ramsond Atlas generator system is equipped with an over-sufficient overload buffer to ensure overall turbine reliability. Following rigorous generator efficiency tests in laboratory conditions, the results have shown what the Ramsond Atlas turbine is capable of. But we expect you'll judge for yourself - our extraordinary results speak for themselves! We accept all forms of payment, including PayPal and major credit cards. Please do not send cash under any circumstance. You may contact us at during normal business hours Eastern Time Zone for payments or questions.

You may also contact us via eBay messages. We will do our best to respond to eBay messages within 24 business hours. We cannot under any circumstance accommodate local pickups or third party shipping arrangements. We cannot offer combined shipping due to restrictions. All payments must be received within 7 calendar days of close of auction or purchase date. We ship to physical address only.

Flat rate or free shipping only applies to the 48 contiguous States. They also do not apply to certain locations in Canada including, but not limited to Northwestern Territories.

Please contact us for rates to those locations. Tracking numbers will be available after 5 days from the date of shipping. The customer takes title to the goods at the time of shipment. Upon receipt of the product or part s we will, free of cost to purchaser, repair or replace the faulty product or part. We do not reimburse buyer for shipping faulty products or parts to us for replacement or repair. We will however return the repaired or replaced items or parts to the buyer at our expense within the warranty period.

We shall NOT, under any circumstance, be responsible for any damage resulting faulty installation or operation of the product and as such we recommend installation and assembly, where applicable, only by certified and qualified professionals. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to confirm whether any particular product is compliant with local rules and regulations, if any, and suitable for use and operation therein.Polar Power, Inc.

Since then numerous organizations have performed extensive testing on our generators, including the US Army. The Polar DC Generators are designed and optimized to deliver high currents at low voltages which is required for battery charging and operating DC loads.

No battery chargers or power supplies are required. All engines are liquid cooled. Polar has designed this DC alternator incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and all new tooling to meet the increased performance demand. Read more. Configuring your Generator Set and Datasheet. Low Maintenance and High Reliability The unique alternator design allows us to turn the engine at low speeds, thereby extending engine life.

The voltage regulator has automatic two step engine speed control. At high electrical load demands the regulator, through an external solenoid, automatically increases engine RPM; at low loads the engine speed is automatically decreased. There are no alternator parts to wear. The entire alternator assembly is vacuum dipped and baked with a polyester coating. This seals off all metal surfaces from corrosion. Resistance to salt fog is extremely high.

There are no electronic parts diodes, etc. There is nothing to short or vibrate loose inside the alternator. The alternator is almost impossible to damage electrically. The outputs can be shorted for minutes without damage.

The alternator is thermally protected; a sensor on the yoke can warn the operator of a high temperature condition. If no action is taken the regulator automatically reduces the output current so the alternator can run cooler. The output current is monitored by the voltage regulator through a current transducer. The voltage regulator has an adjustable current limit on the output. It is virtually impossible to overload the alternator. The diode bridge set is remote from the alternator and mounted on a large heat sink to keep cool.

The voltage regulator has lightning and surge protection on both the input and output. The only normal wear the alternator experiences is the abrasion caused by the air being circulated around the stator coil and this effect is limited. Air moved over the stator due to rotor effect is of low velocity.

This is advantageous in sandy and dusty environments. The engine is protected against: over-temperature, low oil pressure, over-speed, and over-cranking during starting.

There is a lockout protecting the engine against starter motor actuation while the engine is running. Two stage cyclone air filters are used on the engines air intake in order to minimize the air media cartridge replacement. Fuel is filtered to stringent standards for water and particle separation before entering the engine.

Low EMI emissions are designed into the system. There are no brushes or slip rings. Field coil is isolated from the buss through fast diodes and capacitance.

The voltage regulator does not strobe the field coil on and off. Proportional control reduces the back EMF produced by the field coil. The fuel stop and two speed solenoids are attenuated for voltage spikes as a result of turning on and off the solenoids field coil. LPG and NG.

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